Friday, January 25, 2013

STC AGM/party is scheduled for Jan 31st !!

Our AGM (party) is at 7:30pm Jan. 31st.

It would be great, but not required if you joined the club for 2013 before the AGM if you were a member in 2012. The link is here.

NOTE: ALSO, the 2013 STC clothing order will be live VERY soon.

If you are a current or potential STC member make sure to come. This is more of a chance to spend a few hours hanging out with (or meeting) your teammates over a few beer and pizzas than anything too formal. I think of it as a 'Party with Direction' not a meeting.

Location is here.

I always like to talk a bit about what worked and what didn't in the previous year. This way we constantly keep evolving and remain current. We'll chat what is in store for 2013 as well.

 - Lampros is bringing a TON of pizza from his place Volos Pizza !!
 - STC is buying a TON of beer and wine. Make sure to comment here is you have a special request!
- Harley will give us an overview of the super successful Thursday Night Training and any planned changes. 
- As usual, we will continue to make our Women's Initiative a priority, and we'll have some discussion on this.
 - Club members that did WNS will be reminded they are Secondary Crankmaster members and there is a party on Feb. 9th at the Glencoe.
 - Dave will talk about the benefit of the Tues night Crits!
 - Trev will talk about the clothing order if there are any questions.
- Tom will talk about his 'Weekend Banff Ball Buster' on April 27/28 and his 'Saskatoon or Bust' project on July 14/15.
- Darcy will discuss the Prairie-Roubaix IV. 
- Trev will talk about the JayLap Version 5.0 ( I can't believe this is the 5th annual!)
- Mike will let us know what worked for the WNS series and how well the club represented in 2013.
- Paul or Thomas will talk about the Calgary Wheelers Ride. Pump us up for this. I want this to be a 'go to' ride for Saturdays this year.
- Thomas will talk about Penticton in May. And Trev will talk for Marie who is coordinating the family/kids in Penticton.

All this will undoubtedly be interspersed with Godfrey telling us several stories about various rides throughout the year and Tom letting us know how badly he suffered on his last Garage of Pain training session.

Of course, if you would like to discuss something or propose ways to improve, then email me now, or simply start talking at the gathering.

See you Jan. 31st,


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